Shakespeare's Younger Sister

Stratford-upon-Avon was a bustling town even if Constance feared it lacked the opportunities she so longed for. Not that she knew what those opportunities might entail.

What she did know was that, as a woman (even one living in Elizabethan England), she would encounter obstacles in her quest. Her inner voice could not have spoken more clearly: "Constance Shakespeare, you are a woman; and your role in society is somewhat - no, quite - restricted. Which means you will have to struggle."




Will handed her the manuscript. She opened it, glanced at the title page and gasped.

The Tragedy of Macbeth


William Shakespeare

Dedicated to

Constance Shakespeare,

Beloved Sister,


Fellow Writer


True Author


Among Other Works,

The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark.

It is well past time that women should get their due

when it is, indeed, their due.

            "Oh, Will," Madge exclaimed. "This is so brave of you. Constance would be so pleased. You have struck a blow that will resound through the ages. Now not only are you the foremost playwright of our times, you will turn out to be the foremost man of our times and of many more to come."

            Audrey and Helena entered the room. Audrey ran to Will and stood by his knee. He laid a hand on her shoulder.

            "Audrey, say thank you to your Uncle Will."

            "Is he giving me a present?"

            "You could say so; but most importantly right now, he is giving one to your mother."